VLS Introduction:

Velocity Logistics Solutions is one of Vogue-Velocity Group, who has several companies working in apparels, textiles, realty sector, spray technologies, financial services. Headquarter is located in UAE Vogue – Velocity group started in 2002, has around 7500 employees all over the world.

Velocity Logistics Solutions started in 2008 in Egypt, with good worldwide agencies offices. The group has decided it to establish it for the high experience and well trained employees in logistics activities which have been done for the rest group’s companies in different sectors. Velocity Logistics Solutions have three offices in Egypt which cover most of the industrial areas as well as sea ports

Our Egypt offices:

  • Port said
  • Alexandria
  • Ismailia
  • VLS Advantage (WHY VLS?):

  • Because we started from where the others ended
  • We focus in our customers benefits
  • We always use the fastest service with the best rate
  • We have the experience to handle your problem and provide all logistics solutions
  • Maybe you will find this with others but we differ with our new mind which is our password to keep us working with our customers with long relationship as a partner which is “Solutions”
  • Why & What “Solutions”

    As most of our customers are manufactures “most of them are located in Free zone” and time is very critical and equal money to all of them, so we created alternative system from day one we submit quotation to customer “especially in Fareast business” We called it internally “Plan B”

    VLS Membership

    Our Vision: to be the most valued freight and logistics partner in the eyes of our clients, by providing solutions that matter! We are looking forward to be the first and permanent choice for all of our clients.
    Our Mission: reaching to the best service level with the minimum cost by providing all logistics solutions to our customers.
    Our Goal: to be our clients, first choice as a global freight forwarder and logistics solution provider in Egypt.